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Verra had outgrown both their brand and their name (previously Verified Carbon Standard). They no longer just measured carbon emissions, but also offered multiple evaluation standards and services. Our work with Verra established their new name and visual identity, and redefined their position within their industry.

Start with strategy

Our first phase of work was conducting an extensive brand audit to understand Verra’s current offerings, projected growth, industry, and competitors. Through our independent work, and our workshops with Verra leadership team and stakeholders, we distilled our outcomes into clear goals and a strategy for the engagement.

What’s in a name?

The Friendly team generated hundreds of potential new names before narrowing down to the best option, Verra. The name combines Terra and Verified, a reference both to what they do (environmental standards) and their roots (Verified from their original moniker).

A new seal of approval

How does a brand relate to its sub-brands? Are they siblings, or is one considered in charge of the others? Are they often shown together, or separate? How related should they all be to each other, if each one is different?

These are the sorts of questions that helped us define the system we created for Verra and its programs.

The result is Verra’s new compact word mark that conveys the organization’s commitment to trustworthy standards, and a suite of program icons with subtleties unique to each particular service but that share a consistent visual language. Together the Verra brand is a family of cohesive marks and a set of graphic elements that combine into a versatile and engaging identity.