The Friendly Philosophy

Friendly means
more than a sunny disposition.

We believe design is an inherently collaborative process that demands Friendly dialogue. Good design doesn’t sacrifice form or function—it performs a Friendly balancing act. At its best, design solves problems with solutions that are user-Friendly, client-Friendly, and community-Friendly.

Give Shits.

Our work looks good, and does good in the world.


Structuring our work helps us generate new ideas and communicate better.

Problem Solve.

We ask a lot of questions, then iterate to create practical and exciting solutions.

Geek Out.

We ♥ technology, fonts, hex colors, tacos, puppies, emojis—the list goes on. Our passions make our work better.

School. (v.)

We learn constantly and educate often. We constantly seek new and better methods and share best practices.

Collaborate (and listen)

Great results require teamwork. We complement our clients’ expertise with our own to help meet their goals.

Make friends.

It’s all in the name. We’re a supportive group that builds lasting relationships with each other and our clients.

Live life.

Work is a part of life, not all of life. Get outta here… go live it.


Our work is fun, and we enjoy doing it. No really. We love this.

When in doubt, taco.