Design can do more than look good—it can do good too. Proper design should accomplish objectives, meet long-term organizational goals, and foster change. We achieve this by working side by side with passionate individuals, great organizations, and the communities they serve.

Here at Friendly Design Co, we are expert collaborators. It’s part of how we live up to the name. Friendly is purposeful, practical, and thoughtful all while being open, spirited, and fun. We create delightful experiences for both you and your audiences, and design the best possible solution to the challenge at hand.

Our Specialties

App design

Web Design



print design

Motion Graphics


The Friendly Team

Founding Partner

Geoff Silverstein

Geoff isn’t old, he just has special glasses for reading at the computer.

Founding Partner

Ross Nover

Ross is a self-published author of two books of comics (and two entries on Urban Dictionary).


Hannah Karl

It is a well-known fact that Hannah has
no fun facts.


Ouzy Mariko

Ouzy can eat a burrito faster than you can read this sentence.


Rachael Senning

Rachael once hung out with a Super Bowl champ just to pet his dog.


Olivia Huffman

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Michelle Branch was Olivia’s childhood babysitter.


Ian Hamilton

Ian attended his first concert at the age of 5. He saw Michael Jackson perform Thriller.

Designer & Developer

Kyle Conrad

Kyle has been to the emergency room in every place he's ever lived.