Brand Design
Web Design

EMILY’s List collaborated with us on a simple message in 2016: Women Can Stop Trump. Our goal was to create a hub of information detailing Trump’s mistreatment of women, and encouraging men and women alike to take action.

Designing reality

To anchor the campaign, we created a bold and memorable brand that reflected a sense of political protest and strength. The result was a concise, black and white wordmark featuring a typeface that echoed protest signs but with softer, rounded corners.

Once the branding was in place, we let Trump’s role as a reality TV star inspire a dystopian design. We combined bright colors and patterns of broken VHS tapes with clean lines and modern typefaces.

Fame is not enough

Tragically, the election outcome did not validate our work’s premise. However, the campaign did spread like wildfire.

We spotted campaign stickers and signs all over DC, on the Clinton campaign's Instagram, and even in the background of Comedy Central’s Broad City.