User Experience
Web Design

The Aspen Institute’s Project Play Teamwork Toolkit began as a 2-day workshop for concerned community members looking to create opportunities for physical activity in their neighborhoods.

Serious Play

Collaborating with their team of content experts, we created a digital platform for anyone who wants to build healthy communities through sports: parents, sports leaders, civic and school leaders, and nonprofits. The Project Play Teamwork Toolkit, powered by ESPN and Under Armour, guides users through a series of modules. Concerned citizens create their own community “State of Play” report and use that information to mobilize local leaders— helping every kid in their community be active and healthy through sport.

Our Game Plan

Our first step in this engagement was to interview prospective users and fully understand the tool's unique value. Then we conducted a workshop with the Project Play team to define the focused set of features we would design and develop for the initial platform launch.

Through our iterative design process, we created a unique, easy-to-use web app, and presented the new tool to participants at the 2018 Project Play Summit. We used the initial launch at the 2018 Summit to learn how to refine the tool, and incorporated user before launching the resource to the public in 2019.

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