Web Design

Random Nerds gave Friendly the chance to help turn an upstart tech blog into a quirky but professional publication site with a unique reading experience. We updated the brand with a signature-inspired logo, a range of colors and typo­graphy, and a cast of characters that reflect the personality of Random Nerd’s content and creators. Then we built a site that showcases that content with thoughtful, playful details.

The new brand mark for Random Nerds is both a masthead and a signature. The signature was a logical decision for a group of writers who believe in standing behind what they write.

Before designing, we researched other publication sites to see what works, what doesn’t, and how we could make this site stand out from the pack. We came up with a structure that arranges Random Nerds’ content in a compelling and easily browsable way.

Just discovered @Random_Nerds. It could very well be the most beautifully designed pop culture blog I've ever seen.

Neil Miller Publisher, @rejectnation and @nonfics


We supplied the site navigation with a custom avatar to represent each area of content—politics, gaming, tech, and pop culture. These characters exist in various states across the pages of Random Nerds, adding life throughout the site.

We filled the site with other unexpected moments of levity. Handwritten captions? Nerdy loading messages? Random fun facts? A 404 page comic illustration? You bet.

Now on to the physical world! Instead of traditional business cards, we designed and illustrated trading cards for the Random Nerds team. Each team member’s card is complete with an illustration of their super alter-ego and a ranking of their specific skill sets.